Wednesday 20th June

9:45am I’ve been on and off awake since 8am, my body couldn’t wake up this morning at all. I felt like I just needed sleep, I think it is because I had a disturbed night. I kept waking up in discomfort. Im properly awake now, not in pain just the general discomfort. 1:00pm My morning […]

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Tuesday 19th June

9:30am I’ve woke up and I know I’ve not had a very good sleep, my back and stomach is hurting so much. I had to go sleep with a hot water bottle on my stomach. But one good think is a appointment for my MRI scan has come through the door this morning, thankfully. I […]

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Monday 18th June

9:24am Today is another day and I’m feeling so worn out, my body is aching all over and I don’t feel 100% in myself. I think I’m getting sick. My nose is blocked and my head hurts. Im just going to lay on the sofa all day. I hope I can feel bit better later. […]

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Sunday 17th June

10:00am So I’m feeling tired today, but it’s a good day as hardly any pain, just little discomfort here and there which is normal. I’m going my dads later to so I can’t wait for that. More family time ❤️ I’m thinking of my grandad dale up above in heaven. 2:00pm I’m ready for the […]

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Saturday 16th June

9:27am I’ve been awake for a little while now, got the pain in my pelvis on both sides, which seems to be normal pain I get most days. I don’t think it helps on my right side because of the 8cm cyst I have on my ovary. But finally going to get the removed in […]

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Friday 15th June

9:00am I’ve just woke up, my back feels numb. My stomach is just aching right now. So that’s a change compared to last night. I slept good but still feel so tired, which is a symptom with endometriosis. You can feel fatigue. Your body feels weak. That’s me today. 12:00pm So it’s been a few […]

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Thursday 14th June

8:00am This morning I woke up still in pain with my back but not as bad as yesterday morning. I haven’t got nausea today which is a good thing. I still do though have the pain in my pelvis area. Both sides. I am on sick from work for the next 2 weeks so I […]

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